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  • Stops hair fall
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Fights dandruff & split ends
  • Stops premature grey hair
  • Solution for dry, frizzy & damaged hair
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Healthy, thick, and shiny hair is a dream of every man and woman. In today’s world where looks are the first and utmost key to a self-confident and impressive personality, it is really important to have perfect look. In achieving this perfect look hair issues are among the topmost issues that require intensive care and attention. These issues arise due to hectic routines, unbalanced diet, workload situations, and improper care. Many chemical-based products are available in the market for different issues but not all products are for everyone. So is there any product that works for all?? Fortunately yes. 512 Herbal Oil by Bioperth is the answer to all problems. This organic hair oil contains 5 natural oils and the goodness of 12 herbs. 512 herbal oil is best suited for resolving all kinds of hair issues. It is chemical-free which makes it safe for use.

512 herbal oil by Bioperth is very beneficial. It addresses all kinds of hair issues. Here are the common hair problems for which this oil works effectively

Hair fall

Hair loss is a major issue faced by almost everyone. It is often caused by a health condition, chemical products, or diet. 512 herbal oil by bio Perth is the perfect solution for this. Gooseberry (amla) in it is best for curing hair fall. Amla act as a tonic for both hair and scalp. It helps in hair growth by strengthening hair follicles. Along with gooseberry (amla), coconut oil and avocado oil also helps in strengthening the hair. Avocado is known to be a problem solver for all hair related issues. Gooseberry acts marvelously with coconut oil.  They both are wonder ingredients for hair loss.

Dry and Frizzy Hair

Dry and frizzy hair developed when the scalp does not produce enough oil to provide moisturization to hair. For smooth and silky hair it is necessary for hair to retain moisture in it. Hair becomes dry because of many reasons e.g. dry and humid weather, Frequently washing hair, using chemical treatments, electronic tools, and many more.512 Herbal oil by bio Perth is formulated with 5 natural oils and goodness of 12 herbs to help you get rid of dry and frizzy hair. Avocado coconut and olive oil along with other wonder ingredients penetrate deeply into the scalp and hair. They provide required nourishment and nutrients to the hair making them frizz-free and healthy.  They help the hair to retain the moisture and oil making them smooth and silky.


Dandruff is a difficult situation to deal with. It makes the scalp itchy and flaky. In severe cases, these flakes are visible on hair and shoulders which is embarrassing. 512 Herbal oil by Bioperth is a perfect organic solution to get rid of dandruff.  It’s all-natural and organic formulations helps the skin to fight dandruff causing elements.  Coconut oil used in 512 herbal oil helps to fight dandruff-causing fungus. Along with it 512 herbal oil also contain avocado and rosemary essential oil that reduces dandruff. Rosemary oil has antifungal properties which work greatly on dandruff along with other herbs and oils.

Grey Hair

Premature greying of hair is a serious issue faced by many people. Hair loses its original color because of the loss of melanin. Melanin is responsible for producing melanocytes cell which gives natural color to hair. Herbs and natural oils used in 512 Herbal oil by bio Perth stimulate the production of melanocytes cell reducing the chances of premature greying hair.  5 Natural oils and goodness of 12 Herbs in 512 Herbal oil by Bioperth is the perfect solution to grey hair. Black Myrobalan (Hareer) along with other herbs gives natural color and shine to hair.

Damaged Hair

Damaged hair is the root cause of many hair problems. Excessive use of chemical products on hair like dying, color, treatments makes hair more prone to issues like hair fall, dull hair, etc. Along with this use of heating devices on hair like curling iron or straightener makes hair frizzy and damaged. This damage can be repaired by using an organic product. 512 Herbal oil by Bioperth is a perfect choice. Natural Oils and herbs used in it nourishes the hair by penetrating deep into the scalp and hair strands. It gives hair natural shine, health, and boost the growth of hair by protecting it from damage.

Split Ends

Split ends are caused by dry, frayed, and brittle hair. Split ends make hair look dull and unmanageable. This issue is caused by using chemical-based products that make hair lose moisture and make them prone to dryness. Too much exposure to the sun also cause split ends. To repair this issue oiling is a must. 512 Herbal oil by Bioperth I formulated with 5natural oils and goodness of 12 Herbs to fight all such issues. Regular use of 512 herbal oil repair the hair from roots to end giving the required nourishment and nutrients required.

Oily Hair

When the scalp starts producing much sebum it causes the hair to look greasy even after wash. The sebaceous gland produces the sebum also known as natural oil which is necessary for hair to prevent dryness and hair fall but too much production of sebum is also not good for a healthy scalp and hair. As it causes itchiness and hair fall. To balance the sebum production 512 Herbal oil by Bioperth is the right choice. Coconut, amla, and rosemary in 512 oil help to balance the sebum production. Due to which the scalp retains its required moisture without making the scalp greasy.


512 herbal oil by Bioperth is the right choice for your hair. As it contains 5 natural oils and the goodness of 12 herbs which helps to repair the hair and scalp. It is all one solution for all hair issues. This oil is organic which makes it the best choice for the hair. It works as a complete treatment for your hair. It is formulated as a perfect solution for all your hair problems. 512 herbal oil by bio Perth makes hair long thick and healthy. It gives natural shine and nourishment along with protection from external damaging elements and factors. It is the best organic product to be added to your hair care routine.

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  1. Faiza

    This oil is amazing. It stopped my hair fall, a long time issue i was coping with.

  2. Noor Tasleem

    Very good herbal oil

  3. Aslam

    Mein ne 2 weeks use kia hy aur ye oil boht acha lag rha hy. thanx

  4. Aila Jameel

    I recommend this oil. Satisfied

  5. Diba

    Lagta hy paisay poory ho rahay hein

  6. Uzla Ahmad


  7. Meera Tanveer

    512 hair oil, it is very good like its name

  8. suzy786

    Pehli bar koi oil kam aya hay., me ne pehly kafi use kiay hein sab jhoot hy. is sy baal girna band ho gaey hein

  9. Qasam

    It’s very oily. anyway it’s oil so it has to be 😛

  10. Aima Hassan

    happy, good purchase

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