This is Why Your Acne Treatment is Not Working

Acne is the most stubborn skin issue. Its treatment requires money, time, and patience. Everyone suffering from acne tries to treat it as soon as possible.  But treating acne is not so easy. Most of the time despite using every medication along with home remedies results are not achieved. This doesn’t mean that medication is not effective. Then what’s the reason? Why treatment is not working? Ever wonder. If we observe it’s our skincare routine that is affecting the treatment. Our habits and careless behavior are causing hindrance in treatment. Following are the mistakes because of which your acne treatment is not working.

Not giving Time

One of the most common mistakes people suffering from acne made that they don’t wait for enough for treatment to work. Treating acne requires patience and time. It cannot be treated overnight.  It’s better to wait for 6 to 8 weeks. In case of severe acne, it generally takes 3 to 4 months.

Comedogenic products

Comedogenic products clogged pores causing acne and breakouts. Avoid using such makeup and skincare products. Instead, look for non-comedogenic and natural products. One such product is bioperth Acne No-more.

Dry Skin

Dry skin causes inflammation and irritation which eventually results in acne-prone skin. Skin becomes dry when it is not moisturized regularly. Moisturizing helps skin to balance sebum production which helps in preventing dry skin and acne.

Squeezing Acne

Squeezing acne makes it worst. When acne is squeezed the infection or bacteria inside it goes deeper into the skin making acne more noticeable and stubborn.      

Sleeping with makeup

Sleeping with your makeup on is the common reason for breakouts. The chemicals go deep into the skin causing irritation and breakout. This causes treatment of acne difficult because new pimples start popping up.


Acne-prone skin is sensitive as compared to normal healthy skin. It must be treated carefully. This means you should not do overdo anything like cleansing, over-exfoliation. This only makes acne worse.


If someone is suffering from acne then using their products such as makeup brush, applicator, and makeup the acne-causing bacteria and impurities get stuck on to your skin making it acne-prone.

Touching your Face  

Touching your face is the most common way of triggering acne. When you touch your face again and again you let those bacteria and germ on your hand reach onto your skin and make acne worse.

Cleanse the Sweat

Sweat must be clean properly and carefully from the skin. If not then It would irritate resulting in acne. The bacteria and germ would go into the skin from sweat.


Scrubbing acne-prone skin leads to more damage. Scrubbing irritates the skin which causes acne. While treating acne it’s better not to scrub your skin.


These are the most common habits or behaviors because of which your acne treatment doesn’t work. Along with medication and products, such habits should be avoided to achieve better results. Along with these precautions, it’s better to use natural remedies and products for treating acne. Like natural oils and serums.

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